Quebec State Project
Most of Quebec is covered by the Canadian Shield, a rocky, but generally level landscape covered by plains and plateaus. In the far-north, there are mountains such as the Torngat Mountains, the Laruentian Mountains, and the Chic- Choc Mountains. These are just a few mountains in Quebec.
There aren't any designs of physical features on the Canadian quarter.
The geographical area/region that Quebec is in is called the Canadian Shield. It covers about 60% percent of the land mass. There is the St. Lawrence Lowlands. There are also the Appalachian Mountains. They extend from the shores of the Canadian Arctic to the Laruentians.
The waterways that are in Quebec is the St. Lawrence River. It is one of the most important waterways in North America. It crosses southern Quebec west to east covering 1,000 km. It is the main river route in North America. It flows through a vast estuary and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence to the Atlantic.